About the Wolves

This Program use to be called the Ames Wolves and has grown to include many players from over Iowa. The Iowa Wolves coaches lead each team along with Parent Representatives, to ensure the communication and success of each team. The Wolves Basketball program is located in Central Iowa and we are focused on giving the best training to all players interested in competitive basketball. Since 2005, The Wolves have grown and as we grow our positive light on the Central Iowa community shines brighter

Mission Statement

The Iowa Wolves is a grassroots youth basketball program based on comprehensive training that challenges young people in a positive learning environment. The Wolves is dedicated to developing character, fundamental skills, and an understanding of the game that will extend beyond basketball into many aspects of life. Wolves is available to any young person who desires to maximize their potential and enjoyment of the game of basketball.


Founded in October 2005, the Iowa Wolves has been dedicated to skill training for all boys and girls players, grades 1-12th. Founded on a commitment to teach players how to play, Wolves teaches skills to develop the complete player. We are dedicated to long term improvement and success through long term, consistent teaching and skill development.